Do you have flooding or pools of water after a heavy rain?

After a rain storm, have you found pools of water or a raging stream flowing through your property that is washing way ground cover and plants and creating impassible areas. If so, the problem is poor or lack of correct drainage. This common problem can be solved with surveying the land and identifying where the exact problem areas are and implementing corrective measures

We have the right equipment and knowledge to correct these problem areas at a reasonable cost.

We will perform a:

• Professional survey.
• Identify the low spots.
• Assess the existing drainage flows.
• Evaluate water flow from roof drainage systems
• Determine corrective measures.
• Map out a plan.

There are various ways that drainage problems can be cured:

• An underground system of drainage pipes, or catch basin system, or drain catch box.
• Re-grading of areas creating a swale, ditch or trench. 
• A combination of both systems.
• Create a “Rain Garden”.
• Strategic placement of “Rain Barrels”.

Failure to correct a poor drainage problem can result in expensive property damage. 

Call Bell’s Landscape & Design or contact us today if you are experiencing these problems, we can fix it.