Make Attractive and Increase Security

Landscape lighting is for homes, private gardens, public buildings and gardens, serving a dual purpose of enhancing the appearance of selected locations and the added feature of providing security.

There are many styles and types of lights available on the market today. Some very elaborate and some very simple in design and cost to operate.  

Some important things to consider when selecting lights for your project: 

• Motion Detector Lights – security lighting. Turns on when motion is detected.
• Fixed area lights – can be turned on or off at will, for porch or entry ways, light broad areas.
• Accent lights – lighting that highlights a specific area such as a tree, a waterfall or fountain.
• Access Lights – lighting driveways or paths.
• Broad area lights – lighting a full area such as backyard.
• Low voltage LED lights – long lasting, conserve energy.
• Solar lights   low operating cost and eliminates stringing wire
• Standard electric powered lights – used where needed
• Flood and security lights – used where security is a concern.
• Landscape lights 
• String lights – great for a roofed area.
• Post lights 
• Torches, gas lights – around a pool area.

At Bell’s landscape & Design, we work with our clients to establish a selection of lights and lighting systems that will achieve the desired aesthetic effect.  Contact us for more information