Also known as “Watering a Lawn”

How would you like to eliminate the need for rolling out a hose, attaching a sprinkler, moving the sprinkler every 30 minutes to a new location, not watering all areas that require water, over or under watering flower beds and getting soaked every time you go to change the sprinkler location?

Bell’s Landscape & Design has the perfect solution! 

We install and repair the following irrigation (Watering) systems:

• Regular Sprinkler Systems, with underground pipes and disappearing sprinkler heads.
• Specific area sprinkler systems, water only specific yard locations or zones.
• Drip Irrigation Systems installed in planted areas delivering water directly to the root of the plants.
• Custom designed systems, a combination of any or all of the above systems designed to meet your specific needs.

The benefits of a designed watering system are:

• Eliminates the need of garden hose watering.
• Allows for watering at specific times and specific areas.
• Preserves soil nutrients.
• Reduce watering costs.
• You don’t get wet.